How to Make Essays Longer – Tips & Lifehacks

So you need to know how to make essays longer? Sometimes trying to hit the original word count isn’t as easy when you have limited information about your topic. A topic may not have much to work with so you’ll have to be creative with your words and see how to add length while making sure the content makes sense. Depending on what is required for your paper you may be able to do a few tricks to make your work seem longer. For instance, you could write out your words instead of using contractions or write numbers in word form instead of by number. Here are some other things to know about making an essay longer.

What to Know When Making an Essay Longer

Before you start working on your paper it helps to know a few things before the problem occurs. You may have a word count or length requirement for your work, but if you don’t meet it, it may result in lost points. Learn how to add more length to your paper before writing and then keep them in mind as you collect information and prepare your outline. One of the best ways to add length is to provide plenty of data about the topic. If you don’t provide enough information people may not find your content interesting to read.

Why Would You Need Ways to Make an Essay Longer?

A common reason for making a paper longer is to meet guidelines for the assignment. Many teachers will deduct points for lack of information. If you collect data for your topic collect as much as possible and do your best to incorporate it into your paper. Choose worthy points to mention and once your paper is done review the contents. If you have additional information collected add it to the final where you see fit. Another reason for required length may include providing proper information to clarify your findings. If you completed thorough research on your topic you should have enough to provide a full paper with a solid viewpoint others will understand.

How Do You Use Words to Make Essays Longer?

There are different ways to use words to make your work appear longer. You may choose to use longer words, spell out contractions and numbers as mentioned earlier, or provide additional details about something mentioned. You could provide additional insight about a word or event mentioned others may not be familiar with to quickly add volume to your work. Others may write about something but explain it in a detailed format that requires more words added to the page. As you add more words try not to make sentences too long in length to keep reading easier on the eyes.

What are Tricks to Make an Essay Longer?

Besides using words to add length to your writing you can use phrases to make essay longer. If you want to present an example of something using a phrase is a common option. It may be a phrase from a movie, favorite song, or something someone said to you that would make a good fit for your paper. Other things people do to add length to their papers is to add a space between sentences (double space their work), shorten or widen page margins, or use longer words. Some have changed their font type or size. You can find samples online to see the difference of how much space is taken on a page.
As you learn more about how to make your essays longer, know how to detail your main and supporting points with informative content to make it interesting. The right topic will be easier to write and not pose any issues with content length. If you run out of things to say it may take a moment to determine a course of action for your paper. Review each paragraph to see if content can be added or reworded. Make changes to line spacing and font unless something else is stated in guidelines. Choose longer words or write out content such as numbers and contractions. Review your work carefully before submission to ensure it is presentable based on your abilities.

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